Election season is nearly upon us

13 Jun

No, not the U.S. presidential election, but national positions with the ACBA are opening, and it’s time to send in your nominations.

As an odd-numbered year, 2013 might be considered something of an off year. But there are still numerous positions expected to open this fall — the vice president and board members from districts 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 will be up for election. Nominations for these positions are due July 1.

The board of directors acts more or less like the ACBA’s version of congress — they are able to make and change rules regarding national cavy shows and other related affairs. The vice president is also a voting member of the board, and is responsible for assuming the duties of the ACBA president, who oversees and convenes the board, in case the president is no longer able to carry out his duties.

Only established members who are in good standing with the ACBA are eligible for nomination. Ballots will be mailed to members in early fall, and the results will be announced at the ARBA convention in October. This year’s convention will be held in Pennsylvania.

Local elections are held separately.

If you are running for office this year and would like to spread the word about your candidacy, please contact the Wheekly Reader by emailing thewritingguinea@gmail.com.


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