The writing guinea pigs have new digs

10 Oct

My husband and I just wrapped up moving the last of our things into our new house — including the caviary. Moving with animals is always something of a feat, and it can be especially tricky when you’re moving a dozen or so guinea pigs.

The thing with moving guinea pigs is that you need someplace to put the guinea pigs. You can’t just throw your guinea pigs into your car, drive them to your new place, and then turn them loose in the house. So before you can move the guinea pigs, you have to have a pen or set of pens pretty much ready to go. In our case, this meant a week or so of splitting our time between my old place and our new place while we tried to assemble a new caviary during the few hours we have free each evening. Because of course neither of us took work off — that would have been too easy.

In any case, we got it finished last week. I’m rather pleased with the end result:

The general basis for this caviary schematic is the same I used in my last place. I use custom-built C&C cavy condos for the majority of my cavies’ housing. For more on how to construct this kind of setup, there is a three-part tutorial beginning here. I did, however, make one modification to the design this time around. I lined the inside of each individual pen with window screen I bought in a big roll at Home Depot. The idea here (which was originally thought up by my sister. Full credit where credit is due) is that the window mesh will prevent the guinea pigs from kicking their bedding all over the floor while allowing the cavies proper ventilation. So far it seems to work pretty well, though it does require a bit of effort to cut the window mesh to the proper size and then attach it to the inside of each pen with zip-ties. I definitely advocate doing this while building the pens — trying to attach it to the inside of pre-existing pens would be a real nightmare.

In any case, I’ll let you know if the mesh continues to perform as well as I hope.


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