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Legacy Caviary celebrates arrival of new royal pups

25 Jul

The first public appearance of the long-awaited royal pups was met with great fanfare yesterday.


Jazlyn delivered three healthy pups, two boars and a sow, on Tuesday morning. The birth was officially announced hours later, with the pups’ breeds, varieties and weight at birth noted on a index card clipped to the door of Jazlyn’s royal condo.

The pups are heirs to a long, celebrated line of cavy monarchs, dating back to important historical figures such as Queen Lloth, Melvin and Mirtil, and even back to the line’s founder, Lord Jaxom. The pups’ sire, Tycho, was unable to attend the birth. Jazlyn’s sister Cymone assisted in the delivery and continues to aid in raising the pups.


The long-awaited birth was met with some measured disappointment; some among the Legacy Caviary community had hoped for more sows. Nonetheless, many are waiting breathlessly for the announcement of the pups’ names, which should come in a few weeks.


Jazlyn’s quiet, middle-class upbringing has lead some to speculate that the pups may be raised in seclusion for several months before the monarchy begins grooming the heirs to take up their sire’s and grandsire’s royal duties.


Popcorning and other festivities continued for several hours after the pups’ appearance, which occurred during an unceremonious outing while the royal maid cleaned Jazlyn’s condo. Critics, however, have suggested the rumpus may have been inspired by the rounds of fresh lettuce and hay handed out in accord with royal tradition.